bg真人游戏 has a rich tradition of producing well-rounded leaders. 当我们的校友回到我们的学校, they reference the leadership opportunities they had in all facets of student life.
领导力课程是多方面的, 包括学生会, 领导力课程, 学院系统内的领导机会, 每月全校领导大会, 社区服务机会, 并指定了全校社区服务日. Students are given the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom through our many community 服务 programs – both within the school environment and beyond.

通过每周的领导力课程和建议期, students identify different styles of leadership and explore the difference between leadership and "followership." Recognizing that not all students are comfortable with the traditional opportunities of leadership, we strive to broaden their idea of what it means to be a leader and to help them find new avenues in which to lead.

It is important to give students the responsibility for carrying out academic projects and functions, 然后让他们站起来发表宣言, 荣誉项目, 或者是学生主导的社区活动. This hands-on process fosters leadership, self-assurance and responsibility. Our aim is to produce students with the necessary skills to be successful leaders in tomorrow’s world.


  • 青年团

    In 2005, the Academy Battalion was decommissioned; the Albany Academy developed a leadership model to keep the military tradition alive within the school. 这个由学生领导的组织后来成为军校学员团. This organization serves to provide numerous opportunities for students to practice leadership as they progress through the school and through the 青年团 ranks.

    在军校, there are three different branches to select from once you join: the Drill Team, 鼓线和彩卫. Each branch is a highly 尊重ed group that gives a student the chance to lead his peers as he progresses through the ranks.
  • 房屋系统

    The 房屋系统 is a leadership structure that involves all students in Kindergarten through Form VI. Students are placed in one of four houses: Olcott, Gates, Henry or Beck. The progressive leadership structure provides for many opportunities to lead and follow through formal and informal group interactions.
  • 学生会

    总统内阁的学生成员包括总统, 副总统, 财务主管, 秘书, 以及活动总监. 与学校管理部门合作, the Presidential Cabinet oversees the three branches of student leadership: 学生会, 宿舍系统和学员团, 除了在学生生活方面领导学生. The secondary function of the Cabinet is to facilitate House Competitions, which is done with the assistance of the House Prefects and the Dean of Students. 内阁成员由中二至中六的学生选举产生. 选举在每学年的五月举行.


    The 学生会 is a body of four students, voted into positions through Form-specific elections. One Form Level President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary is elected from Forms III, IV & 每份表格共有四名代表. These representatives are charged with overseeing their 尊重ive classes during bi-weekly class meetings and representing their class ideas to the grade level dean and Dean of Students. The primary function of the 学生会 is to address matters of student life, 包括但不限于, 的黄油, 学生手册中的学校政策和程序, 筹款, 社会职能与毕业.
  • 社区服务

    Students at bg真人游戏 have a long history of involvement in community 服务. They spend countless hours each year working with local nonprofit organizations as part of a curriculum that emphasizes 服务 and the feeling of pride that is gained from selflessly working for the good of the community.

    The Academies’ commitment to 服务 is something that can be seen year-round on campus and throughout the community. 
  • 可能的项目

    The May Project program is an educational experience that gives seniors the opportunity to pursue a variety of professional experiences ranging from work in a research laboratory or museum to recording music to learning about technology development in a gaming company. 而该项目允许学生探索他们的兴趣和想法, it also allows them to demonstrate the core values that they learned during their years at The Albany Academies: responsibility, 自律, 同情, 聪明才智, 尊重, 服务, 正直与毅力.

    而每个学生的项目是不同的, all the experiences grow out of a specific set of principles and guidelines. 五月初, the students – instead of going to classes – participate in an internship that pertains to an area of study they intend to pursue in college. The student is expected to find an appropriate placement; however, 学校为学生提供支持和联系.
  • 高级荣誉项目

    The Albany Academies’ mission statement is exhibited in countless ways during the school year. One of the most vital examples of the school’s mission in action is the Senior Honors program. In the past 2015-16 school year, nine AAG students and eight AA students participated. 这些长达一年的独立项目, 学生每周都向导师咨询的地方, 具有广泛的兴趣和追求. 其中包括绘画方面的“艺术三联画”研究, 诗歌, and design; a photography exhibit on New York City; a presentation of the culture and history surrounding French baking, among other subjects; the composing and writing of an original song; and a presentation of the history of the Academy. Despite the differences among subject areas, they are still bound by a common thread. 从学术角度来说, 这些项目注重“主动学习”原则, where the student assumes primary responsibility in shaping material and analyzing concepts. 真的, 虽然, this program model mimics the way any of us approaches learning in an age where information is readily available and essentially boundless: We follow subjects and ideas that inspire us. 正如一名学生所说:“这正是我选择这个项目的原因. 而不是死记硬背和准备考试, 我们进行了一次体验, 对我们自己选择的科目采取参与的方法, mostly because of a driving interest to find out more and sometimes even as a path to a future career.”